An Encomium

So much respect to one of fixed gear godfather, MASH SF. We all agree that this guy brings many notions to us all, and became our guiding light in this bailiwick. Every work they were created has always been real inspiration to others. On account of that, we decided to continue our wallpaper series influenced by their signature and this piece of art is fully dedicated to their existence.

Once again, please take note that this is a fan-based artwork, but you can have it still. Simply download the given links below. Cheers and HAIL YEAH!


• 1024 x 768

• 1280 x 800

• 1280 x 1024

• 1440 x 900

• 1680 x 1050

• 1920 x 1200

• 2560 x 1440

• iPhone

• iPad

• Blackberry

13 Responses to “An Encomium”
  1. 19tooth says:

    holy shit!!! this is fucking awesome…
    hail for all on this site mate…

  2. YEAH! says:

    Thx 14 Bike Co. 🙂

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