Here we go again! BADGER INVADERS and SOUTH BEACH QUEEN present, the first fixed gear event series in Indonesia, WEEKEND ROADRUNNER 2011. In this month, 3rd of April be exact, WRR was held in Surabaya, East Java. It was getting more “massive”, more than 200 people gathered in the field and participating in succeeding the event. You can check out the photographs report above.

The Result

Alleycat (Local)

1st Bovie (28)                      time: 1.40.27

2nd Arif Rahman (14)       time: 1.40.45

3rd Hari (4)                          time: 1.43.01


Alleycat (Visitor)

1st Ige (26)                      time: 1.40.27

2nd Chika (73)              time: 1.45.31

3rd –                                 time: 1.54.50


Alleycat (Ladies)

1st Prytha (38)                   time: 1.40.27


Long Skid Competition


1st Danny

2nd Satya


Trackstand Competition

1st Donki

2nd Gia


Trick Competition

1st Galih                         838 pts

2nd Sony Slyfix             730 pts

3rd Heri Slyfix              700 pts

So don’t miss the next WRR in your city! Come and join if you have enough guts.


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