`LUGGER` The Utilitarian Vehicle Transportation Based On bike

agam`s did real awesome piece of work for his final project
and you can check out the detail report above :


The Utilitarian Vehicle Transportation Based On bike

The increasing number of motor vehicle causes; depletion of time and space in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. The shopping style of the community has been shifted slowly as the growth of supermarkets and mini-markets in past few years. The modern markets such as minimarkets are spread around the public housing. Its strategic location allows the family to shop for their needs. Unfortunately, not all of their household needs are accessible by the customers. At the end, they ends up using motor vehicle for a relatively short distance because of the capacity of the vehicles to carry the products, or they’d rather pick another shops to have their stuff such gas tank, fresh water galon, rice sacks and another heavy load delivered. The usage of vehicle in short distance shopping is one of the long term traffic jams potential. Based on those problems, a transport equipment that accommodate lots of needs in a single place and a promotion media for minimarket to serve their customer is needed.

LUGGER is bike design development as a means of supporting minimarket service.This bike was designed in the framework of the Product Design Final Project in cooperation with PT. Insera Sena, Polygon, Sidoarjo.

LUGGER is an environment friendly transportation that can be used to replace the function of motor vehicle for a relatively short distance. It evolves in functional ways to suit the needs of its users. Bicycle, as a means of transportation, evolved on the type of commuting bike who well known as city bike. Speaking of necessity about load-carrying transportation that maybe realized in the form of bicycle, Agam wants to provide a solution through the design concept based on bike that can be used for load-carrying transportation in a relatively short distance. LUGGER is based on city-commuting bike, and has special specifications that can carry all the household needs from the mini-market to their houses

“Design must be collaborate with some aspects such as engineering, with feedback from the riders. These are all the real manufactured. Just go get ur bike and ride ‘em guys!”

Design by Agam Hanafiah

Industrial Design, FSRD

Institut Teknologi Bandung

and you also can check his Tumblr page :


Enjoy and HAIL YEAH!

One Response to “`LUGGER` The Utilitarian Vehicle Transportation Based On bike”
  1. prodev says:

    cak pri says : oalah ngene tho karepmu gam 😀

    tego : weleeeeeekkkk….

    aris : blue bike 😀

    tego reply on aris : opooooooo….

    bonit : bikin susah2 cuman buat ngangkut galon, oalah mas mas jasa anter galon udah banyak… wahahahaha..

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