Ro-Roll Kidul Goldsprint Nº2

In-conjunction with Youth Fest 2011, TFTC was invited by the Esplanade to run Ro RollKidul Goldsprint for 3 consecutive days between 12-14 of August. There will be a competitive sprint on the 13th(saturday) where the winner will take home a complete bike and other good stuff to be announced soon. We will be running demo goldsprint on the 12th and 14th, we would like to invite all walks of life to give it a run on the rollers. Have a experience, have fun and feel of goldsprint.  The best thing is… Its free! Open to all, there is no entry fee for saturday’s Goldsprint comp.

The Goldsprint stage will be located along the Esplanade bay (next to MakanSutra).  We will be there 6pm-10pm every night. Sprint starts at 7pm. TFTC  have merchandise booth, PEONFX, WeekendWarriors  tees, Airwalk assesories, Bike helmets and safety gear from LifeCycle. So don’t stay home, Come out and play with us!!! There are more going on during the festival, Music, dance, arts… live graffiti by Clogtwo & collective. You’ll be entertain by Dj Ddrrff who rock it on our first RRK night.

SWAP MEET!!  dig up all those unwanted bike parts/components, clothes or what knot. swap it for something for good use. There will be a shopping cart style swap meet near our booth. Come out and Play!!!! come one come all!

Source: tftcrit

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