Ro-Roll Kidul Goldsprint Nº2 (Photo Recap)

    Tales From The Crit launched an event called Ro-Roll Kidul Goldsprint No.2 on last 12th – 14th of September. It was the next sequence of the last event that held at Life Cycle. This second event was held at Esplanade, Marina Bay. Although only three of YEAH’s member came, the rest of us … Continue reading

Sumvelo: PIAS – Production Note 3

Photographed by Jonathan Edwin (Rocket Company) source: Cyclonesia

Tales Of The Crit (Recap)

Congratulation to all winners! great race, awesome night! mad props to TFTC organizers! cheers, hobahoba! (Source HOBAHOBA)

Ro-Roll-Kidul (Recap)

In the heart of Singapore’s China Town, 2 rollers, 250m sprint, and 1 winner. Put your hands on the bar and pedal hard till you blow your calves. This dope game held as a pre-event of Tales From The Crit. Free flow drinks, stacks of raffles, frickin’ loud music, and piles of people really heat … Continue reading


Last Saturday, 11th june, was held an event at Automall, Jakarta, called Fixed Fest. The event was so fun and massive! Can’t wait to attend your next event guys! Those are some photographs of the event that you can check out. Cheers and HAIL YEAH!

BUM ARIFFIN: Artworks For Sale

“these 6 prints are up for grabs. either as a set or individually. each measures up to 16.5 x 11.7 in & is printed on fine art canvas by the wonderful people of Brilliant Prints. prints are framed and ready to be mounted on your wall. the photos are from my Intersection project & each of these prints will be a one … Continue reading


  Here we go again! BADGER INVADERS and SOUTH BEACH QUEEN present, the first fixed gear event series in Indonesia, WEEKEND ROADRUNNER 2011. In this month, 3rd of April be exact, WRR was held in Surabaya, East Java. It was getting more “massive”, more than 200 people gathered in the field and participating in succeeding … Continue reading

De Nederlandsche Legende

    This is our first Bike Adorned Project. Goddess Fortuna gave us a big luck on the day we accidentally saw this bike parked on the sidewalk, a Concorde Squadra that predicted was produced in the late 80’s.  It will take around 3 weeks for us to restore. We will update you guys when … Continue reading

March oh March (Photos Report)

  On Saturday, 12th March, one of our Singapore fellas, Bum Ariffin, was organized an event called March Oh March. It was held at Jalan Batu, Singapore, right in the front of T.R. Bikes shop. The event was totally awesome, it was consisted of bunnyhop competition, longest skid competition, trackstand competition, footdown competition and lastly … Continue reading

Brenton Salo

Hi guys! We’re back again! There lots of bike photographs or photograph of a guy shows some tricks using their bike, but there is one photo that catch our attention. A shot of Tyler Johnson that was taken by Brenton Salo! A brilliant photographer based out of Portland, Oregon, USA. The composition of its shot … Continue reading

Saparua Fest. Installation (Fall)

  Hello to y’all! It’s been awhile since our last post, sorry for our passive news lately. It’s just because there’s something that we are working on back here, right now. In this post we just want to recap about our installation that we had created and displayed in last Saparua Festival. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading




(faldi)`lapbal` tricky session


skidy yeah!

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