`LUGGER` The Utilitarian Vehicle Transportation Based On bike

agam`s did real awesome piece of work for his final project and you can check out the detail report above : `LUGGER` The Utilitarian Vehicle Transportation Based On bike The increasing number of motor vehicle causes; depletion of time and space in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. The shopping style of the … Continue reading

Fixed and One Volume 01

Fixed And One newspaper finally published! The guys from Fixed And What did real awesome piece of work. The newspaper was published online and printed. Check out their first online issue here! Special thanks to Andy Cooke and Nick Shea who trusted us to create the masthead.

Saparua Fest. Installation (Fall)

  Hello to y’all! It’s been awhile since our last post, sorry for our passive news lately. It’s just because there’s something that we are working on back here, right now. In this post we just want to recap about our installation that we had created and displayed in last Saparua Festival. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading

Cookie’s Little Headway

The mold that is used to print our identity on the tee. We were so itching to see the prototype when we saw it.   We proudly present to y’all our first tee prototype. HAIL YEAH!   Here comes the 2nd edition of our sticker set. For those who like this and want to own it, just … Continue reading

YEAH sticker vol.1

hail YEAH! ,finally done….

YEAH! ART SERIES : Conquer The City

Get your ass up and let’s knock those steel giant animals down! HAIL YEAH!