March oh March (Photos Report)

  On Saturday, 12th March, one of our Singapore fellas, Bum Ariffin, was organized an event called March Oh March. It was held at Jalan Batu, Singapore, right in the front of T.R. Bikes shop. The event was totally awesome, it was consisted of bunnyhop competition, longest skid competition, trackstand competition, footdown competition and lastly … Continue reading


A massive disaster hit northeast Japan a few days ago, causing dozens of death, more than 80 fires and a 10-meter tsunami along parts of the country’s coastline. Here’s the artwork that we created recently and we truly dedicated it for the victims. Now let’s we pray together and hope all the difficult situation will … Continue reading

Road to Weekend Roadrunner : A massive small bash!

Those were the moments without tears, pain and apathy. On 21st and 28th of January, we all had a great time! More than 150 people attended to this small bash each day. We know that this event was only a teaser for Weekend Roadrunner, but the response was positively amazing. Not only that, the people … Continue reading

Weekend Roadrunner e-handbill

Here’s a short info about Weekend Roadrunner that, perhaps, will raise your desire to get the prizes. Now, what you need to do is grab your bike and ride to the nearest place of registration, then get the riding pass and wait for the moment of glory to come. It’s tempting, isn’t it? Go get … Continue reading

Weekend Roadrunner 2011 (Teaser)

Don’t miss this event in your city! This is massive, this is awesome, this is WEEKEND ROADRUNNER!

Brenton Salo

Hi guys! We’re back again! There lots of bike photographs or photograph of a guy shows some tricks using their bike, but there is one photo that catch our attention. A shot of Tyler Johnson that was taken by Brenton Salo! A brilliant photographer based out of Portland, Oregon, USA. The composition of its shot … Continue reading

Weekend Roadrunner (YEAH! series)

YEAH!, the artwork we create as a tribute to Weekend Roadrunner event `2011` enjoy and HAIL YEAH!  

An Encomium

So much respect to one of fixed gear godfather, MASH SF. We all agree that this guy brings many notions to us all, and became our guiding light in this bailiwick. Every work they were created has always been real inspiration to others. On account of that, we decided to continue our wallpaper series influenced … Continue reading

The Giants

Yeah! you guys know them well, don’t you? Like the roots of a tree that glom on to its base rigidly, these two labels are successfully standing on the top of the Industry. Whether it is good or bad, many things happened since those labels stepped their foot into the field. Inspirational actions have always … Continue reading

Saparua Fest. Installation (Fall)

  Hello to y’all! It’s been awhile since our last post, sorry for our passive news lately. It’s just because there’s something that we are working on back here, right now. In this post we just want to recap about our installation that we had created and displayed in last Saparua Festival. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading

Saparua Festival (Video Report)

Here is the motion moment that we recorded along the event. Enjoy and HAIL YEAH!

Saparua Festival (Photographs Report)

It was 3 days full of joy and high spirits. Although the heat stung us like hell, laughter and smiles were all around us still. The photographs above are Saparua Festival and the After Party’s moment that we captured in 3 days. It was tiring, but f*ck it! We so much enjoyed it! HAIL YEAH! … Continue reading

Pack your stuff up boys! We’re going home

This is a moment compilation of BDG Riders when they were heading back to Bandung. Enjoy and HAIL YEAH! 😉


Fixed gear demo and competitions (registration on the spot) (Fandi 085793062936 – stone 087822922945) – trick competition – track stand demo by SlyFix X SouthBeachqueen clothing and store bazar other competitions: Inline skate : (asmo 082115434422) – speed class – slalom class – aggressive class skateboard : (feby 08156021574) – trick competition BMX : (didi … Continue reading

Bike Talks! (TOS 2010 after party video report)

More report about Tour of Singapore, now is about the ending. Yup, it is the after party! Enjoy and HAIL YEAH!

12 hours laughing and pedalling (VIDEO)

A short video report of tour of singapore that we made, a little special gift for Crank Arm Steady.Cheers! and special thanks to Crank Arm Steady, HobaHoba, SBQ, RatsKL, Malacca riders, FLW Riders, Tremorz, Cyclonesia and all the riders who rode in Tour of Singapore. Hope to see you guys again soon!